Grand Paradise Bavaro Resort - The Grand Paradise Bavaro ruined our vacations

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Our family of 3 were on vacations at the Grand Paradise Bavaro in December of 2011.While we were there, we were approached by a greeter offering a room upgrade to a VIP suite, in exchange for attending a "presentation" of the Royal Holiday Club.

We were brought into a large office right in the lobby area of the hotel, where we were scammed by 2 salespersons with promises of VIP vacations, deep discounts on airfare rates, free acommodations for 5 years within "their" hotels in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Since the sales office took a large section of the lobby area and they said that this was "their hotel" we felt that the offer was legitimate and was safe to take it. However, we decided to wait and think it over, so we did not sign on the spot. That very same night we searched the internet from the hotel's network, specifically for Royal Holiday scam, and the search did not return anything other than the Royal Holiday website, where the promises we had heard earlier were also stated.

This made us feel more comfortable with Royal Holiday's offer and the following day we signed up for a membership. As it turned out, the Hotel's network had been rigged to block any search results exposing the Royal Holiday scam, obviously helping the scammers do their work. In addition, both my wife and my 5 year old daughter became ill with dysentery from the hotel's contaminated food, as I learned later when I saw several reports of people returning from that hotel ill with E. Coli infections.

When we returned home, we had to be treated with antibiotics for 10 days. But there still was more to this nightmare, as when we tried to use our membership to book vacations, we learned that all of the promises made were nothing but lies and when we contacted Royal Holiday to cancel the membership, we found a stone wall ahead of us. More shock came when we Google searched "Royal Holiday scam" and found hundreds of pages documenting the RH scam taking place in several different vacation destinations including Mexico, Bahamas, Brazil, Dominican Republic and many more countries. We feel that the Grand Paradise Bavaro ruined our vacations by allowing this scam to operate from within their premises and by tampering their network to block any internet results documenting the scam.

Needless to say that the E.Coli infection we had from their food also made our stay miserable and we feel that we wasted a few thousand dollars in this vacations of ***.

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